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1975-1977 Husqvarna GP Models Plastic Kit
This kit includes a front fender, rear fender, two oval number plates and an oval unit for the front number plate. The oval unit zip ties to your forks with the supplied mounting brackets.

Click on the item to select a color for the number plates.

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1968-1974 Husqvarna 125 250 400 450 CR, WR Plastic Kit
SKU: HSQ-PK-1974
This kit includes a front fender, rear fender, inner fender, and a set of three oval number plates. Click on the title to select your number plate color.

The 125 kit comes with a flat top mounting front fender.

The 250-450 kit comes with a front fender that has a pocket molded in the top that fits around a block on the bottom triple clamp. The bolts go through the side of the fender at the mount.

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