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Mounting Instructions

  • All of our parts are vacuum formed replicas. We make them as close to the factory OEM parts as possible. However, please do not expect the same sharp lines and perfect fitting pieces like the injection molded original parts. We are constantly updating molds and making parts fit better. If you have an issue with something fitting, please give us a call. We will do our best to help you get it to fit properly.
  • Before installing your parts, please verify that you have ordered the correct parts for your make and model bike. Most parts that we sell are model specific.
  • Some plastic products that are produced by DC Plastics do not come pre-drilled due to the variation in mounting hole locations on each individual vintage motocross bike. In order to get the proper fit on your motorcycle, please measure the mounting holes before drilling each hole.
  • Do not drill each hole in the center of the mounting eyelet before checking to see if they are properly lined up on your bike. In most cases, the holes will not be drilled in the middle of each mounting eyelet.
  • All items have a coat of Armor All applied before they are packaged. If you are going to install decals, the plastic will need to be cleaned with a degreaser such as mineral spirits, parts cleaner, etc.
  • Make sure that you drill your holes and get everything lined up BEFORE you install your decals. We will not refund any decals that were applied if you decide that you do not like the plastic or fitment.
  • Some panels and fenders require the use of spacers behind the mounting eyelet. Due to the molding process, we are unable to make some of the mounts as deep as the original parts. To achieve the same mounting position, you will need to use spacers behind the part.
  • We are unable to form most mounting tabs on the underside of the part. Some models may require you to bolt them to the frame if they originally had the pop in nipples on the underside of the part. You may have to zip tie side panels to the frame in one spot for extra stability. Most models do not require this though.
  • Vacuum formed headlight holders and enduro style rear fenders will take a bit of work to get them to fit properly. Due to the vacuum forming process, many of the tabs, nuts and mounts cannot be molded into or on the underside of the part. If you are stumped and cannot find a way to make the part work, please give DC a call or email.
  • Plastic will warp during shipping. If the parts are shuffled into an awkward position, please note that you will have to bend them back into the correct shape. The parts can be bent and tweaked as needed. You will not break them by doing this. Use light heat from a hair dryer or heat gun to assist.