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1975 Yamaha MX 250 400; 1976 IT 400, YZ 250 400 Intake Manifold

1975 Yamaha MX 250 400; 1976 IT 400, YZ 250 400 Intake Manifold

Manufactured by Hot Foot Moto LLC. Intakes are made from a polyurethane material that is very durable and has some stretch to it. Air boots and intake manifolds are molded from the same material. The intake manifolds will typically last 5 years on water cooled bikes, sometimes even longer. We recommend replacing intakes at the end of every race season on air cooled bikes. The air cooled bikes run much hotter than newer models. The hotter that an engine gets, the harder it is on the intake glue that is used.

If you notice an air leak, shut your bike down immediately. HFM will send a replacement for free. You do have to ship the intake back to HFM for inspection. If you are using a pod filter, the air filter needs to have some type of support. Without any support, the carburetor and pod filter bounce up and down while you are riding the bike. This will cause an intake manifold failure.

You must use a M6 socket head allen bolt for installation if the intake has polyurethane around the mounting holes. Larger hex head bolts will cut into the material.

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