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Universal HPI Ignition Coil 068V186

Universal HPI Ignition Coil 068V186
Comes standard with the following HPI Ignition kits:

068K004, 068K008, 068K009, 068K010, 068K011, 068K012, 068K013, 068K014, 068K015, 068K016, 068K017, 068K026, 068K027, 068K028, 068K029, 068K039, 068K040, 068K046, 068K047, 068K048, 068K050, 068K051, 068K052, 068K053, 068K055, 068K056, 068K057, 068K058, 068K059, 068K062, 068K063, 068K066, 068K067, 068K069, 068K070, 068K071, 068K072, 068K076, 068K084, 068K085, 068K086, 068K088, 068K089, 068K093, 068K094, 068K095, 068K097, 068K099, 068K102, 068K104, 068K110, 068K111, 068K112, 068K113, 068K115, 068K117, 068K121, 068K124, 068K126, 068K127, 068K128, 068K129, 068K131, 068K132, 068K133, 068K135, 068K136, 068K137, 068K138, 068K139, 068K140, 068K141, 068K142, 068K143, 068K144, 068K146, 068K148, 068K152, 068K153, 068K154, 068K155, 068K156, 068K157, 068K158, 068K159, 068K160, 068K167, 068K168, 068K172, 068K173, 068K176, 068K177, 068K181, 068K189, 068K191, 068K192, 068K193, 068K195, 068K196, 068K197, 068K199, 068K204, 068K205, 068K211, 068K214, 068K215, 068K221, 068K223, 068K227, 068K231, 068K233, 068K236, 068K238, 068K240, 068K244, 068K247, 068K249, 068K250, 068K266, 068K267, 068K274, 068K281, 068K286, 068K288, 068K291, 068K292, 068K295, 068K296, 068K298, 068K299, 068K315, 068K319, 068K320, 068K326, 068K335, 068K336, 068K337, 068K338, 068K340, 068K343, 068K352, 068K356, 068K392, 068K397, 068K410, 068K419, 068K421, 068K425, 068K444, 068K448, 068K456
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1979-1981 Maico Front Number Plate Red
Renthal 7/8" Vintage / Desert Bend Handlebars Bars Silver
New Reproduction Side Panel Decals that fit 1981 Maico 250 490 Die Cut