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Emgo CR Style Full Waffle Grips Classic Vintage MX Medium Compound
SKU: EM4224610
Full Waffle, Black Grips. Medium compound. Similar to the OEM honda grips. Great deal for the price.
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Emgo Universal Spoke Wrench
SKU: 57-0006
Emgo Universal Spoke Wrench

A must have for every vintage racers toolbox.

Fits 6 different size spokes - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Durable black finish
Made of forged steel
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Emgo Whirlpool Complete Throttle Assembly
Complete throttle assembly. Aluminum die cast construction. Fits all 7/8” bars. Comes with a 50” adjustable cable, less grips.

It is a tight fit on the VM36 and VM38 mikunis. Perfect for the 30-34mm models.
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