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Genuine Magura Clutch & Brake Lever and Perch Set w/ Covers
SKU: M116933-M116940
Genuine Magura clutch and brake perch assemblies. The real deal. Used on many European bikes in the 1970's and 1980's. A great improvement for clutch pull over most other assemblies. These include dust covers for both perches as well. These are the split perch style assemblies for easy installation.
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Gloss 1978 1979 1980 Suzuki RM 100 125 250 400 Front Number Plate 94911-41300

1979-1981 Suzuki RM 100-465 Front Number Plate. Available in yellow or translucent. Please click on the item to select a color.

Brand new, injection molded Suzuki RM Front Number Plate. No longer available from suzuki. This is a direct copy from the OEM suzuki plate. Part number 94911-41300. The only difference is the DC logo printed on the underside of the plate and the straps where it wraps around the bars. The ratchet is on the underside when mounted. Please check the pictures for the superb quality. Proudly molded in the USA. Accepts the stock mounting hardware. A perfect match for our suzuki plastic side panels and fenders. 


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